Week one, Done!

These “daily updates” that we promised you are clearly not happening, for many a reason. Our weekend we spent sleeping, literally all day, so we are finally over our jet lag. Last night the internet was down, and Wednesday we spent at world beer, much to our demise. (Fool me once,  shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…)

And so, here we are! What has happened so far?
On the teaching side of things, we have both team-taught our first lessons; meaning there’s been us and another teacher there to share the teaching torch. Sam’s went better than she thought, though those nerves have finally become apparent and are sticking around for round two (on Sunday). Callum was fearing the worst, and was pleasantly surprised when it came to teaching, but is still taking over an hour to plan a lesson.

We’ve also been informed that we have classes for next week, and have been given those lesson plans to complete. Be prepared for an underdog-type post to follow!

Otherwise, we have learned how to shell prawns with chopsticks (the waitresses even brought us gloves to help haha), been served by a robot waitress (no word of a lie, an actual bloody robot), and spent another long-long night at world beer. We were, again, the last to leave, and although we didn’t accost any taxi drivers this time, we did eat an entire tube of Pringles when we got home.

Today, life is good; the weather is bright and clear, and the rain we had on Tuesday has washed away the smog. The birds are singing, the rats are squeaking, the dog downstairs is barking, some fireworks are going off in the distance, and the flat is starting to feel like home.

P.S. Lots of people are asking about Gary, I am sorry to say that I haven’t seen him since Friday! He’s clearly quite happy wherever he ended up (I feel he left the kitchen cupboard once he’d been rumbled….)  but we’ll keep you updated should he visit again!


One thought on “Week one, Done!

  1. Well done again you two 🙂 Good luck with the teaching; remember, the children are as scared as you are! You’ll both be wonderful at it. Huge hugs, Haze & Si ( M&D ) xxxxxxxxx


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