Breaded Delights

Another week done, and life goes on much as usual. The weather is still fairly hit and miss, sunny today, but we’ve had flooded streets and foggy days for the last week. We went for a wander up Gushan (our local mountain) again with a couple of the new teachers this weekend, and the humidity made it fairly hard going, with not much of a view, but still all good exercise and a functional hangover cure. We paid the £1 entrance fee to the “18 scenic points” area this time, and had an explore around there, which yielded some amusing names for some fairly unimpressive boulders, (vanquishing tiger rock, 8 hermits cave). We never found out how or why the tigers were vanquished, and I’m pretty sure if you share a cave that small with 7 other guys, you’d be a socialite, and not really deserving of the moniker “hermit”.  The views from the pagodas would have been spectacular on a clearer day though, so perhaps we will return and take some pics another time.

The real success of the week as been in our culinary efforts. we bought a slow cooker and a bbq with the intention of making something other than stir fry, and while I haven’t actually used them in anger yet, Sam has made some great progress on the baking front.

Fuzhou is famous for its dessert baking, and in terms of spectacularly ornamented cakes and sweet pastries it’s a goldmine of delicacies. Trying to find something savoury with which to construct a solid sandwich however, is impossible. This prompted Sam to have a crack at it herself. Those of you who are fortunate enough to have sampled her baking efforts in the past will perhaps understand my surprise, but so far, touch wood, it’s gone well. (I jest about her former baking efforts, of course).

The first loaf, we tried in the slow cooker, an its turned into a giant scone, but undeterred, we bought a bread tin, and moved our efforts to the oven. Loaf two was solid, more akin to a brick than bread, but served well enough for dipping in the two cans of Campbells soup we got hold of.


Our third attempt, given proper time to rise on the balcony, worked out pretty damn well. I managed to get a picture before we tucked into it, and by tonight it’ll be nothing but crumbs.

This probably isn’t particularly interesting reading, but we got pretty excited about it, and it is a taste of home we’ve been missing, so I thought I’d share it with you all. We shall update you in the weeks to come of our baking progress.


4 thoughts on “Breaded Delights

  1. Oh well done you two! Sam… well done on persisting in the bread making and getting such an excellent and yummy looking result! You may think that it isn’t an interesting bit of news to us but you’re wrong……. we love to hear all your news. I just know that Sam will be cake baking next. Hey, you could do fruit loves?? Maybe?? I’m sure that its things that you take for granted here that taste so good when you can’t get them there; like thickly spread butter on toast or crumpets or bread. Or a subways sandwich! Keep writing both, its always great to hear. Love you loads…. M&D xxxxxx


  2. Oh also… Not sure but this last Bread post has gone into “Un- catagarized” area on your blog? Not in Dailies. I got to it from my email link but it doesn’t seem to be in your blog ” Dailies”. xxxxx


  3. Hi both, I am so impressed with Sam’s bread making skills. I did try to make bread last year after buying a book that made making bread sound so easy and spiritual and they said it would actually improve my life!!!! But after two attempts of producing totally inedible bricks/doorstops I gave up so I am in awe of what you have achieved. I now have a cupboard full of bread making kit i.e. flours galore for every sort of bread you could imagine, jars of sun dried tomatoes, yeast etc, that will probably never get used.
    I’ve got Mum’s old slow cooker and she used to swear by it for making casseroles etc. I think you can basically chuck anything in and it will come out tender and tasty. Pop in a bit of meat or some veg or both with some herbs and water and it magically produces a tasty meal and with some of your bread, YUM.
    Well done both of you, is this the beginning of the Fuzhou slow cooker cookblog?
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Well, that was a bit beastly of Simon to remind you of all those lovely things you’re missing, wasn’t it?
    I’m sorry not to have commented on the last couple of blogs but was rather busy – spending my birthday lugging stuff down to Docklands (via a traffic jam akin to your’s I expect), then spending four days at Historic Motorsport International and returning with a filthy cold. Not anything like as scary as your illness must have been, Cal, especially being in a strange country and all but I JUST HATE HAVING COLDS!!!
    Anyway, all gone now and looking forward to a weekend at the Borderlines Film Festival with everyone. We’ll raise a glass to you and maybe Hazel will find some Chinese delicacy for Sunday to make us all think of you two. I just hope it’s not a chicken foot!!! Lots of love, Stella xxx


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