Mid-Autumn Festival: Badain Jaran desert and Inner Mongolia

For the Chinese National Day (October 1st) and the week-long Mid Autumn festival, we decided to do a bit of travelling to the Badain Jaran desert. This story begins as all great ones do, in World Beer. One of our colleagues and friends was leaving after almost 2 years as Academic Coordinator. He was a … More Mid-Autumn Festival: Badain Jaran desert and Inner Mongolia

Summer Course

As I mentioned in our last blog, our workload has increased a little with it being the summer holidays here in China. What better to do with all this free time, than come to extra classes, run by many of the private schools here in China! Our extra classes are off curriculum, though they all … More Summer Course


This weekend we were once again jet setting (is it still jet setting if you go on a train?) all the way to Wu Yi Mountain. It’s a national park just outside of Fuzhou – only an hour and a half on China’s super-duper high speed rail. We arrived late and jumped on the last … More WuYiShan


This weekend we were offered the opportunity to visit ShangRi-La. And we took it, but as they say, it’s a bit of a trek to reach, and once again our story begins in FuZhou…. On this beautiful, sunny Fujian morning, we woke lovely and early ready to catch a taxi to the airport to board … More Shangri-La

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! As you can guess, China doesn’t celebrate Easter, and so whilst you’re all having a two week holiday we’ve been working extra hard… Educating our students about Easter! Akin to the Christmas activities that we blogged about before, (where Callum was Santa) we have been teaching our students about our spring festival with … More Happy Easter!

厦门! XiaMen!

Apparently, if you have a good whinge about the local weather online, China hears you and has a word with the sun. It has been BEAUTIFUL here for the last week. Feeling as though we hadn’t had a trip in a while, we got the Shanghai Crew back together and went for a tour of XiaMen City. … More 厦门! XiaMen!

blog blog blog

Life goes on much as usual in china, work is busy and lots of teachers away on holiday means we are covering other peoples classes, which is fun. One of our teachers left for America this week, so we had a good send off for him on Sunday night. Aside from that, not much to … More blog blog blog